The Custodians - Patagonia


Over the last 40 years, commercial overfishing and bottom trawling have turned Scotland’s once-thriving west coast waters into sparse, lifeless deserts. Patagonia Films’ “The Custodians” follows the work of four locals from the west coast of Scotland who are reclaiming their natural coastlines. They’re restoring wildlife, creating sustainable industries and showing us how we can work with, not against, our ocean.

Production Company @eyeforce
Director / DP: Arthur Neumeier
Project Lead & Producer: Patricia Simon
1st AC: Abdurrahim Gulten
Sound Operator: Marcin Knyziak
Post Producers: Patricia Simon & Jill Sanrodji

Editor: Tim Weyer
Sound Design & Sound Mix: Tim Pringle
Colorist: Tim Weyer

Producers Patagonia: Roos van de Weerd, Monika McClure, Julia Schellekens

Starring: Danny Renton, Ailsa McLellan, Bally Philp