The Air we Breathe - Australia



In the third episode produced in collaboration with Parley, we follow individuals and organisations from Australia that are driving change around plastic pollution through education, social change and enthusiasm. Taking care of the ocean needs to be a worldwide effort - one that starts within our communities and spreads outwards.

The third episode of The Air We Breathe explores the remote coastlines of Australia, where plastic pollution continues to pose a great threat to all life forms. We meet Indigenous leaders, academics and volunteers who all work passionately to educate, collaborate and mitigate the impact of plastic pollution on our blue spaces.

Production: @Eyeforce &
Series Director: Arthur Neumeier
Local Director / D.O.P: Andrew Kaineder
Water Cinematographer and Additional Aerial Footage: Christian Miller 
1st AC: Oliver John Risi
Producer for Eyeforce: Patricia Simon 
Producers for Parley: Mike Long, Chris Hatherill 
Assistant Producer: Jeroen Bartels 
Editor: Tim Weyer 
Sound mix: Tim Weyer 
Colorist: Tim Weyer 

Featuring: Linley Hurrell, Christian Miller, Maren Eibner, Willie Gordon, Dr. Jimmy White , Matt Wheldon, Angelika Volz