Marine Life - Trailer - Patagonia


Together with Patagonia we worked on a series of films for their Marine Life Campaign.

Our future is tied to the ocean. Its shared seas connect us through food, culture and sport. Home to amazing, abundant life, the ocean is also a powerful climate solution. Yet the practice of bottom trawling threatens to destroy this precious resource.

Bottom trawling is one of the most damaging practices that humans inflict on our oceans, destroying seabed ecosystems, overfishing and indiscriminately killing everything from turtles and rays to sharks. It has an enormous climate impact too. Dragging nets along the seabed uses more fuel and produces four times more emissions than other types of fishing. It disturbs carbon-absorbing sediment and eradicates the marine plants and animals that take in carbon from the atmosphere. Oceans absorb a quarter of all the carbon dioxide that we produce, yet the practice of bottom trawling threatens to destroy this precious resource.

Let’s put an end to pollution, overfishing, bottom trawling and open-net salmon farms, and establish marine protected areas that restore vitality to these ecosystems and ensure these waters can nourish us and future generations.

We must protect our ocean so it can protect us.

Project: Global Ocean Campaign Sizzle
Client: @patagonia & @patagoniaeurope
Production Company @eyeforce
Co-Directors Arthur Neumeier & Tim Weyers
Project Lead: Patricia Simon
Post Producers: Patricia Simon & Jill Sanrodji
Editor: Tim Weyer
Sound Design & Sound Mix: Tim Pringle
Colorist: Tim Weyer

Showcasing the following episodes:
Corazón Salado: Directed by Dani Casado
The Custodians: Directed by Arthur Neumeier
Hot Pink Dolphins: Directed by Nicole Gormley, Peter Goetz
Jalpi: Directed by Nicole Gormley
For the Love of the Sea: Directed by Arthur Neumeier
Madre Mar: Directed by Arthur Neumeier