For The Love Of the Sea - Patagonia


A family pioneers a movement to revive the Welsh coastline and a fishing industry that locals have depended on for decades.

The documentary follows Câr y Môr, the first community-owned regenerative ocean farm in Wales. Cultivating versatile crops like seaweed with zero-input techniques, the Haines family reveals the powerful ways that the ocean can help fight climate change while nourishing people in more ways than one.

Director / DP: Arthur Neumeier
Project Lead & Producer: Patricia Simon
1st AC: Sander Jorna
Sound Operator: Aaron Kennedy
Local Production Assistant: Matthew Ashwell - storm & shelter
Post Producers: Patricia Simon/ @bypatriciasimon & Jill Sanrodij
Editor: Tim Weyer
Sound Design & Sound Mix: Tim Pringle
Colorist: Tim Weyer

Producers Patagonia: Roos van de Weerd/ @roosvdweerd , Monika McClure, Julia Schellekens

Starring: Owen Haines, Megan Haines, Francois Beyers, Nikki Spil, Richard Bland